University of Wisconsin Milwaukee joins the Campus Clean Energy Project

BP Target Neutral has purchased carbon credits from the US based Campus Clean Energy project for the last 3 years. The project supports colleges and universities across the USA in developing and marketing carbon offsets as a way to accelerate their progress towards carbon neutrality.

Proceeds from carbon credit sales are invested into sustainability projects on campus, allowing institutions to achieve greater emissions reductions and pushing communities to develop clean, efficient energy systems. To be eligible to sell their carbon reductions, all campuses must deliver greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction performance, either campus wide through energy based emissions, or for individual LEED®-certified1 buildings. Credits are certified through the Verified Carbon Standard under the VCS Campus Clean Energy Efficiency methodology. This campaign is open to all US universities and colleges.

This year the project welcomes the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM). After years of campus-wide focus on energy efficiency and comprehensively reducing GHG emissions, UWM reduced its Scope 1 emissions by a yearly average of 11.79% relative to the baseline period. These reductions were driven by an aggressive campus-wide program called Energy Matters-Comprehensive Energy Efficiency and Awareness.