• How carbon
    offsetting works

    Puzzled by how your effort to neutralise your travel footprint supports the green economy globally? Curious to know what wind farms and pig farms have in common? Watch our short film presented by Adam Hart-Davis.

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  • Fedex

    As part of their EarthSmart® initiative, FedEx has chosen BP Target Neutral as sole provider of carbon offsets to neutralise the transport emissions associated with the global delivery of every FedEx® envelope.

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    All projects selected for the BP Target Neutral Pillar Portfolio are subject to our stringent BP Target Neutral due diligence.

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  • How it works

    How carbon offsetting works

    Adam Hart-Davis explains how carbon offsetting works in his inimitable style

  • Fedex


    FedEx has chosen BP Target Neutral as sole provider of carbon offsets.

  • Pillar Projects

    Carbon calculator

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Latest news

BP Target Neutral offsets the D.C. travel of Team USA Paralympians and Olympians

Tatyana McFadden holding medal

Members of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team, including several of BP’s 2014 Athlete Ambassadors, were honoured for their accomplishments at the Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games at a reception recently in Washington DC.

BP was the title sponsor of the congressional reception which is held at the conclusion of each Olympiad. The festivities also featured a visit to the White House.

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World class athletes reducing their carbon footprint

Some of the US athletes, Olympic and Paralympic, have been telling BP Target Neutral what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Samba School – how offsetting reaches unlikely places

It’s probably fair to say that when most people think of offsetting, they think of tree planting. And that is one way that offsetting can have a positive effect on the world. Some offsetting projects go further however like at the biomass project in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they certainly bring smiles to local faces.

Children play music

Every year the project donates a percentage of their sustainably fired building blocks to local causes, such as a learning centre for young adults with disabilities and a samba school for marginalized children. The children really take sustainability seriously – they even use old computer keyboards as percussion instruments. By offsetting your travel carbon footprint with BP Target Neutral, as well as making a difference to the environment, you’re also supporting the valuable social and economic benefits to local communities like Rio Bonito.

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BP Target Neutral has confirmed its sponsorship of the European Business Awards’ growth category award. Moving forward the category will be known as “The ‘BP Target Neutral’ Growth Strategy of the Year Award”.

This award goes to the organization that best demonstrates an impressive international organic growth strategy, while showing evidence of sustainable growth in both its business practices and its business models. The companies that make it through to the final rounds need to have achieved outstanding levels of sales, profit and market share improvement but these need to have been reached in line with the aims of the organization’s values and in particular its environmental and social responsibility.

Commenting on BP Target Neutral’s sponsorship, Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards says, “We are thrilled to have BP Target Neutral on board as our growth category sponsor. As we all know, sustainable business practices can no longer simply be paid lip-service, they must be considered and implemented at every level of a robust commercial strategy. Those organizations that are able to achieve growth and success without compromising their core values and the ethics of their business are the ones that will achieve long-term, sustainable success.”

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New programme supports smarter driving at US Olympic Training Centers

Staff at the three US Olympic Training Centres are learning to be safer, more energy-efficient drivers under a new initiative known as the Eco-Driver program, sponsored by BP.

The programme, which is part of BP Target Neutral, is giving 30 staff at the US Olympic Training Centers in Chula Vista, Colorado Springs, and Lake Placid, instruction in how to drive smarter and, at the same time, reduce emissions, lower their carbon footprint, and save money.

“Working with BP Target Neutral to deliver the eco-driver program to our staff is a tangible way the USOC can reduce our energy consumption at our three training centers,” says United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Managing Director Mitch Poll. “The Eco-Driver program fully underpins the objectives of USOC’s sustainability initiative, Green Ring. As a founding contributor to Green Ring, BP continues to work with us to identify ways we can address our carbon footprint and deliver to our US athletes the most sustainable training environments possible, where they can thrive athletically with pride.”

Under the program, 30 professional fleet drivers, who shuttle athletes many miles each day, are participating in a classroom training that includes behind-the-wheel coaching and vehicle tracking that captures driver data prior to an initial classroom session and then again after classroom training to measure progress.

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