The challenge for businesses

In response to climate change, businesses are putting in place policies and strategies to reduce and mitigate their carbon impact. Often driven by a need for cost efficiency, or in support of legislation, these businesses are seeing a reduction in their carbon footprints.


Many financial institutions also include “carbon risk” as a criteria for assessing the viability of a business; the sustainability performance of a company doesn’t just affect carbon and climate change. It can impact brand, profitability and potential for growth.

Over the past decade, many highly successful companies have put sustainable practice at the heart of their day-to-day business activity. Sustainability can make them more efficient, through such measures as energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management. Staff are attracted to and motivated by companies who lead rather than follow. Most importantly, they recognise that their customers expect companies to take responsibility for developing environmentally effective products and services.

Sustainability has become a mainstream leadership and competitiveness issue. For those companies who have responded, sustainable business is proving to be good business.

BP Target Neutral supports businesses to implement positive change. Our Reduce, Replace, Neutralise process is a coherent approach to carbon management, designed to help you reduce your carbon emissions and influence your partners, suppliers and customers to share in the challenge.

“With the support of BP Target Neutral, it is easy for every business, big or small, to share in the challenge of climate change. BP does not make a profit from the BP Target Neutral Programme.
The business case is simple: if you can offer the same service, with a better environmental footprint than your competitors, at the same or even a lower price, you can both gain competitive advantage and reduce your net impact on the environment.

Tackling climate change is addictive. Once you’re in, you’re in…”

Mark Kenber – Acting Chair, BP Target Neutral