Where do my funds go?

All your funds (excluding Taxes and card transaction charges when paying online) are used to purchase offsets that fund low carbon development projects around the world.

What projects would I be supporting?

For more details on the projects supported see our projects

How are the projects selected?

Strict procedures are followed to ensure that projects produce genuine independently verified offsets and also have a positive local impact. For more details see
how we chose our projects.

What is BP’s contribution to the scheme?

BP funds the costs of BP Target Neutral including the research, the development and the communication costs. BP also funds the ongoing administration and management costs.

How are emissions calculated?

The Travel calculator emissions for ground transportation are calculated using EPA emission factors (or UK DEFRA factors where EPA data is unavailable) and aviation emissions are calculated using a Radiative Force Index (RFI) of 1.9.

What is Radiative Force Index (RFI)?

The effects of aviation on climate change are complex and the calculation used to determine the amount of carbon emitted by aircraft is different from standard road vehicle calculations. This is because there is a debate about the effect carbon emissions have at different atmospheric levels.

For example aircraft contrails and soot (particulates) from burnt jet fuel cause long lasting indirect effects within our atmosphere which increase the impact of aviation on global warming. The Radiative Forcing Index (RFI) tries to provide a systematic approach for estimating these additional impacts, but there is no definitive RFI figure the aviation industry agrees on. Current RFI values used range between 1.0 and 4.0.

Why does Target Neutral use an RFI of 1.9?

The BP Target Neutral website enables voluntary action by concerned citizens and corporate customers who want to offset emissions. We advocate a conservative approach to emissions calculations to give assurance that emissions are offset fully.

Although there is no consensus on RFI, recent scientific studies, (“Aviation and Climate Change: Issues Challenges and Solutions”, Sausen et al. (2005), TRADEOFF project), recommends that a figure of 1.9 be used – and that is the value used by BP Target Neutral.

We acknowledge that for compliance purposes, organizations, including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), exclude RFI from their air travel emissions calculators.

If I join BP Target Neutral what are the taxes and credit card transaction charges?

See the details on the reduce, replace, neutralize page

To become CO2 neutral how are costs determined?

The price to offset 1 tonne of CO2 from our current projects is £2.62. BP Target Neutral is a not for profit programme. Neither BP Target Neutral nor BP makes any money from the purchase of emission reductions.