Case studies

Because every business is different, every solution is unique. BP Target Neutral works successfully with SMEs and global corporations alike, helping them to shape programmes that respond to their complex needs. Each partnership provides new research and development opportunities that enhance our knowledge and increase our ability to offer practical solutions that help organisations reduce their carbon footprints.

Working on integrated global projects with multiple partners has become a core activity for BP Target Neutral. International conferences, events and sporting tournaments have a unique role to play in bringing brands to life and in reaching wide audiences. But staging them has an inevitable carbon impact. Target Neutral helps to mitigate the resulting greenhouse gas emissions for organisers and sponsors.

Independently recognised by the Commission for Sustainable London 2012 as setting “a new bar for the major events industry”, Target Neutral has developed the expertise and tools to calculate, reduce and neutralize the carbon foot print of global sporting events or simply your team conference. Target Neutral’s proprietary Event Calculator measures and offsets the carbon emissions associated with operations and travel.