Our approach

BP Target Neutral helps calculate your carbon footprint and provides you with advice and tools to reduce it. Our “Reduce, Replace, Neutralize” approach is best practise in the field of carbon management.

Reduce identifies those areas where you can achieve efficiencies that cut your carbon emissions. For example, by training drivers to maximise fuel efficiency through changes to their driving behaviour.

Replace identifies processes, products or services for which lower carbon alternatives can be sourced. For example, switching to premium fuels, like BP’s Ultimate range, can significantly improve fuel efficiency. Low viscosity oils deliver higher fuel efficiency too and, when the time comes to renew a vehicle, a change to a smaller or more economic model can have an even more dramatic effect.

Neutralize offers you a highly cost-effective way to tackle the unavoidable carbon footprint through carbon offsetting. BP Target Neutral’s offsetting service is provided to our customers on a not for profit basis, BP funds all operating costs and carbon credits are sold at cost.