Going Carbon Neutral


BP Target Neutral develops carbon neutral products and services for BP’s customers and partners.

Since we started out in 2006 we have launched carbon neutral lubricants in partnership with Castrol, developed a carbon neutral PTA for plastics, introduced carbon neutral fuelcards for fleets and helped businesses like FedEx, Hertz and the International Paralympic Committee offset some of their operational emissions.

Going Carbon Neutral means that there is no net increase in the global emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as a result of your business operations, product or service. For this to be achieved it is essential that a reduction in absolute terms or a reduction in emissions intensity is achieved, and carbon offsets are used for the remainder of the emissions.

Carbon Neutral Certification allows businesses to:

  • Act now on the climate challenge
  • Demonstrate environmental integrity
  • Provide a credible message to drive customer trust in their environmental messages
  • Meet increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly products and services
  • Engage and motivate their staff and stakeholders to reduce costs through operational and behavioural changes
  • Differentiate their business from the competition to drive growth

BP Target Neutral work to recognised best practice in Carbon Neutral Certification. The standards we apply recognise that achieving carbon neutrality solely through reduction of direct emissions will not be practicable in most instances and therefore carbon offsetting will have a role to play. However, all Carbon Neutral Certification is awarded based on a commitment to reduce carbon emissions in absolute terms over time as part of a long-term Carbon Reduction Plan.

We work in accordance with globally recognised standards, including:

PAS2060 – the defacto global standard. Publicly Available Specification (PAS 2060) applies a common definition and a recognised method of validation. It is based on the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services. This specification can be applicable to activities, products, services, buildings, projects, towns, cities and even events.

NCOS – The Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard provides a benchmark for consumers and businesses to assess claims of carbon neutrality or the credibility of carbon offset products available for sale in the voluntary carbon market. The National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) Carbon Neutral Program (the Program) allows the operations of organisations, products and events held in Australia to be certified as carbon neutral.