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Through EarthSmart, FedEx continues to lead in sustainable shipping. To offset our FedEx envelopes, we chose BP Target Neutral based on how thoroughly they vet and research their projects and for the added oversight of the independent assurance panel that monitors Target Neutral

Mitch Jackson – VP Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, FedEx Corporation

As part of their EarthSmart® initiative, FedEx has chosen Target Neutral as sole provider of carbon offsets to neutralise the transport emissions associated with the global delivery of every FedEx® envelope.

EarthSmart is the FedEx initiative to provide smarter solutions for a more sustainable world and is part of their commitment to doing business without leaving the earth behind.

Before selecting Target Neutral, FedEx conducted thorough research into the carbon offset market, including the challenges and opportunities it offers.

Carbon offsets are a form of trade. When buying offsets, businesses and individuals are funding projects that reduce carbon emissions. These low carbon development projects might restore forests (that absorb carbon from the atmosphere), update power plants and factories to lower carbon versions or increase the energy efficiency of buildings and transport.

Robust due diligence around project supply chain, our not run for a profit1 status and the Independent Assurance and Advisory Panel which oversees Target Neutral were factors that lead to FedEx selecting us as their partner for carbon offsetting.

Our holistic approach to carbon reduction and offsetting, with our Reduce, Replace, Neutralise toolkit, along with our desire to build business partnerships for the long term, also meant that Target Neutral could offer FedEx the reassurance an international business seeks.

The integrity of the Target Neutral offer, which was developed with NGO’s, and its high quality offset projects which offer tangible local benefits as well as global carbon savings, completed the package which means that FedEx Express envelopes have much more to them than meets the eye.

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  1. BP Target Neutral does not seek to make a profit from the purchase and sale of carbon credits