What is BP Target Neutral?

BP Target Neutral helps businesses and individuals calculate their carbon footprints and provides advice and tools to reduce and offset them. Our “Reduce, Replace, Neutralize” approach is best practise in the field of carbon management.


As the carbon reduction and offsetting arm of BP, we have over 10 years experience in helping our customers – both individuals and businesses – to minimize the carbon impact resulting from the use of BP’s products.

BP Target Neutral’s offsetting service is provided to our customers on a not for profit basis, BP funds all operating costs and carbon credits are sold at cost.

To ensure we adhere to best practices in business carbon reduction strategies, BP Target Neutral is overseen by an Independent Advisory and Assurance Panel. The Panel has been set up to monitor the scheme’s progress and ensure funds are appropriately distributed. The Panel is made up of prominent environmental and industry experts.

Furthermore, the selection of carbon mitigation projects is overseen by the independent Project Selection Forum, comprised of environmental NGO’s with a distinguished history in improving how corporates and individuals can minimise their impact on the environment.

These panels, along with our expertise and advice, mean that customers can have peace of mind in choosing to work with BP Target Neutral.