How to offset with us

It’s simple

By choosing to offset with BP Target Neutral, you are reducing your carbon impact and helping to improve livelihoods around the world.

Whether it’s emissions resulting from your company’s fleet of vehicles, or from fuel used in aircraft, or even the emissions from your family holiday, we’ll help you work out quickly the total emissions and offset them with a payment that supports BP Target Neutral projects.

Click here to calculate and offset your emissions

Offsetting through BP Target Neutral means you can be sure that you are buying the highest quality credits available, tested against our rigourous selection process and audited against the internationally-recognised ICROA Code of Best Practice. The carbon credits available from BP Target Neutral are sold at cost, so it’s the best way to offset all emissions associated with your travel or indeed any other part of your lifestyle.

BP Target Neutral is cheaper because BP funds all of our operating costs and there is no profit element. This also means you can be confident that your money (apart from a small bank charge for card payments) is supporting low carbon development projects that are making a real difference.