Team USA

BP Target Neutral is helping the USOC deliver its Green Ring sustainability program, which provides US athletes with training environments in which they can thrive and inspire pride.


The eco-driving program delivered to staff at three US Olympic Training Centers gave instruction in how to drive smarter, reduce emissions and, at the same time, save money.

After staff had been through the EcoDrive program, the improvements were impressive:

Data from USOC showed that fleet mpg increased by 5% and idling time dropped by 18%.

“Working with BP Target Neutral to deliver the eco-driver program to our staff is a tangible way the USOC can reduce our energy consumption at our three training centres,” says United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Managing Director Mitch Poll.

“The Eco-Driver program fully underpins the objectives of USOC’s sustainability initiative, Green Ring. As a founding contributor to Green Ring, BP continues to work with us to identify ways we can address our carbon footprint and deliver to our US athletes the most sustainable training environments possible, where they can thrive athletically with pride.”