Essex Auto Group Ltd


Essex Auto Group: Europe’s first certified carbon neutral dealership through BP Target Neutral

Essex Auto Group Ltd (EAG) has become the first dealership in Europe to join the Castrol Carbon Offsetting programme and be certified carbon neutral by BP Target Neutral.

EAG is one of the largest dealer groups in South East England, with 7 sites across the Essex county. With a real focus upon enhancing its reputation within the local community, EAG is also constantly seeking to differentiate itself above other dealer groups in the region – so the Castrol Carbon Offsetting programme fits this requirement perfectly.

“Carbon neutral is very important to us. We already have an energy conservation programme that we’ve been running for about the last 5 years where we have actually achieved about a 20% reduction in our cost of energy across our dealerships and also a similar reduction in carbon production. So energy conservation leading on to carbon neutral with this partnership arrangement with Castrol takes us to the next level”

Philip Maskell – Chairman and Owner, Essex Auto Group

As part of EAG’s commitment to becoming a carbon neutral business, the group conducted an organisational carbon footprint with the help of BP Target Neutral to determine the levels of carbon emitted into the atmosphere annually. These emissions, totaling 1,547 tonnes CO2e represent 3,825 trips in an average car from London to Aberdeen. From this point, EAG has developed a carbon reduction plan to limit its carbon emissions, with the remaining footprint which cannot be reduced being offset through the BP Target Neutral Carbon Offset portfolio.

Furthermore EAG have plans to take their carbon neutrality programme further. In the near future, those customers who choose to purchase a car from EAG could potentially have the CO2 emissions from the first 10,000 miles of driving offset by EAG through Castrol – enabling consumers to benefit from a carbon neutral driving experience.

Commenting on EAG commitment to the Castrol Carbon Offsetting programme, Castrol Vice President, Marketing, AS Ramchander said:

“The car dealership market is very competitive and the margins are shrinking, so a car dealership typically needs something to differentiate itself from the competition and being carbon neutral gives most dealerships a unique selling point to talk to consumers about something they really care about. Congratulations to Essex Auto Group for launching this offer to the market. I think it’s a pioneering move. It means a huge amount to Castrol because Castrol is a pioneer in many areas of business in the world of oils and lubricants.”