Carbon Neutral Fuelcards


Smart fuel card helps fleet owners improve driver efficiency and achieve ‘carbon neutral’ status.

Fleet managers in The Netherlands and Germany now have a simple and cost effective way to track, manage and reduce their CO2 emissions and achieve ‘carbon neutral’ status for their fleet with BP Target Neutral.

BP and Aral have introduced an integrated ‘smart’ fuel card and carbon management programme with three outstanding features. Holders of BP Plus and Komfort fuel cards are able to:

  • Access a software programme that collects and analyses data from the fuel card to show individual vehicle CO2 emissions performance
  • Utilise an online training facility to upgrade fleet driver skills in using fuel more efficiently
  • Automatically offset remaining fleet CO2 emissions to achieve the status of ‘Carbon Neutral Fleet’

This BP Target Neutral package with BP Fuels provides a comprehensive CO2 management solution for business drivers and can be fully integrated into existing company processes of both large companies with a sizable fleet and smaller businesses with only a few vehicles.

Erik Zwaan, Cards Sales Manager for BP in The Netherlands and Belgium, explains:

“We wanted to make it as easy as possible for all kinds of entrepreneurs and fleet managers to neutralize the residual CO2 emissions of their vehicles. Drivers simply present their fuel card at filling stations and we do the rest. We built the facility to offset CO2 right into the invoicing process with all the calculations, reporting and certifying done inside the programme, without the need for additional interfaces or applications. It is designed to make carbon neutral driving a business target that companies can easily achieve.”

BP Fuel Card holders using BP Target Neutral carbon offsets can also be assured that not only are they reducing their own carbon footprint, but their contribution is invested in climate protection projects that are truly making a difference around the world.