BP Target Neutral help J.S Logistics go carbon neutral

J.S Logistics is a medium-sized, owner-run family company with its main base in the Germany / France / Luxemburg border area.


The company has invested in environmentally-friendly transport processes and satellite-controlled vehicle fleet management as part of their approach to optimize logistics.

This year (2017) J.S. Logistics signed into the Carbon Management Service provided by BP Target Neutral utilising the Aral Card Plus and BP Plus Card scheme.

The card schemes allow the company to integrate their fuel invoicing with their carbon management plan. They can monitor emissions to understand and manage reductions and offset from directly inside the software, avoiding the need for multiple systems.

The company started with 37 vehicles and 1,800 cbm Diesel p.a.(c.5,700 tn CO2) but the partnership is now growing through the addition of 90 vehicles based in Hungary effective June 1st. This will add another 3,350 cbm p.a Diesel. The total CO2 volume offset is more than 10,500 tn p.a.