Aral Autogas

An initial pilot in Berlin and Schönefeld successfully completed. New expanded programme in Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar area Spring 2016.


Since 2014 Aral has sold climate neutral Aral Autogas on 10 Petrol stations. This was achieved through cooperation with BP Target Neutral, BP’s voluntary CO2-management programme.

During the carbon offset process, the production, distribution and use of Aral Autogas emissions are accurately calculated and then neutralized by investing in special effective climate protection projects. These projects are selected by an independent panel and are part of the global project portfolio of BP Target Neutral.

The resulting CO2 certificates (1 VER equals 1 Tonne CO2 – VER: Voluntary Emission Reduction) are sold without any hidden cost because BP does not make a profit from the BP Target Neutral Programme.

Aral has stopped the offer for now, even though it could be shown that Aral Autogas customers approved of the new carbon offsetting offer. A customer survey showed clear interest in the climate aspect of LPG.

Nevertheless, since summer 2015 there have been changes in the German Autogas market, including the Berlin area that made a complete comparative analysis to the originally established criteria more difficult. The broad offer of different product-qualities in the market needs to be considered. Aral will continue to offer the customer the best possible LPG quality. This consists of a mixture of propane and butane, which is adjusted to the summer and winter temperatures (60:40 – 40:60). Due to the different pricing of the two components of the product, the resulting product price is generally slightly higher than, for example, for pure propane.

This results in greater price competition between market participants that offer pure propane as Autogas. Although the range significantly (up to 9%) decreases, the cheaper pricing has led to a changed sales behavior. Aral has responded with a quality-campaign to illustrate their own product’s benefits.

For that reason Aral will again offer carbon neutral LPG, this time extended more than 20 petrol station in the Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar-Area. Christopher Schwenzfeier, Aral LPG Project Manager, said: “We knew before the testing in Berlin (from market research) that for the LPG customer not just the lower price but also the lower CO2 emissions is important. This fits well with the product LPG but even better to our product Aral Autogas, with its particular energy efficiency and resulting thrift. We want to continue what we started in Berlin under expanded conditions in a wider geography. This brings us even closer to the market and we can listen more intensively to what our customers want.”

Alexander Mauer, Director Europe BP Target Neutral, added: “The responsibility of society to protect the environment and to hold off further global warming has become clear and common global understanding from the results of the Paris Climate Conference 2015. Aral and BP Target Neutral want to make it possible for the individual to contribute/offset their carbon footprint without much effort. For example by using climate neutral LPG or neutralizing other aspects of personal transport. For that use our carbon calculator online at It calculates personal carbon emissions and gives the option to offset/neutralize that amount of CO2 immediately with a payment. You will be sent a ready-to-print certificate.”

For more information about certificates and detailed descriptions of the BP Target Neutral projects go to