adi – Carbon Neutral Fuel Card

The multi-disciplined engineering company, adi Group, has become the first company in the UK to offset their fleet’s carbon emissions through the BP Plus Fuel Card.

From the start of April 2016, each time one of adi Group’s fleet of vehicles refuels at a BP service station and uses the BP fuel card to pay, the carbon emissions associated with the purchase will be calculated and offset, leaving the adi Group fleet driving carbon neutral.


Doreen Williams and Alan Lusty from adi Group with Andy Allen and Deborah Gibbons from BP

With almost 1,200 tonnes of carbon equivalent emissions to be offset on an annual basis for adi Group, this new integrated fuel card offer from BP also supports customers in reporting their carbon emissions aligned to the government’s new legislation – The Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS).

Calculating the carbon emissions from the purchase of fuels and offsetting the equivalent amount of carbon is done in partnership with BP’s carbon reduction and offsetting program, BP Target Neutral. Thanks to its portfolio of independently audited and verified carbon mitigation projects around the world, BP Target Neutral is helping customers to achieve their carbon reduction goals. As well as reducing or displacing carbon emissions globally, the projects also help to provide socio-economic benefits which can improve livelihoods in the communities where they are based. In order to demonstrate their commitment to carbon reduction and offsetting, adi Group have also agreed to offset the fuel purchases from 2015.

Commenting on the agreement, UK Fuel Cards Manager Andy Allen:

“We recognise the increasing challenge our customers face from reducing their fleet emissions without significantly impacting operations. Our new fuel card offer in collaboration with BP Target Neutral overcomes this challenge by enabling customers to continue their operation whilst ensuring the environmental impact from driving is reduced. It’s a real win-win for business”

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Commenting on the agreement: Alan Lusty, CEO adi Group:

“As a responsible business which cares for the environment we have long been aware of the environmental impact of our vehicle fleet and been working to reduce it. We are absolutely delighted to partner with BP in becoming the first carbon neutral fuel card customer in the UK. We now have a solution which mitigates against our carbon footprint without limiting how we operate. It also enabling us to promote our responsible business credentials to our customers”

Working together as one team, the UK Fuel Card and Target Neutral teams have developed this unique offer that supports businesses with the increasing pressures around carbon reduction and corporate social responsibility and adds significant value to customers. This means BP Plus Fuel Card customers, like adi Group, can now take advantage of an immediate and cost effective solution of offsetting part of, or its entire fleet’s, emissions.