Advancing Low Carbon

BP Target Neutral has joined BP’s new Advancing Low Carbon accreditation programme.


The programme is specifically designed to incentivize every part of BP to pursue lower carbon opportunities, by providing a framework for the Group to highlight activities that demonstrate a better carbon outcome.

Qualifying activities range from emission reductions in our operations to carbon neutral products, from investments in low carbon technologies, our renewables businesses and programmes like BP Target Neutral that help our customers meet their low carbon objectives.

Deloitte has assessed the programme and criteria, and independently assured the activities and their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings or offsets. The programme highlights many, but not all, of BP’s actions on low carbon.

“BP has been taking action on climate change for over two decades and Target Neutral has been a key part of that activity. Over the last 11 years we have helped our customers avoid over 3.1m tonnes of CO2 equivalent1, that’s the same as taking1.3 million cars off UK roads for a whole year1. Customers are increasingly looking for a range of options to help them meet their low carbon objectives and working as part of the Advancing Low Carbon programme, we hope to encourage even more interest in developing lower carbon products and services”

Andrea Abrahams, Director of BP Target Neutral

Assessment criteria

The activities must:

1. Deliver a better carbon outcome by doing one of the following:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Producing less carbon than competitor or industry benchmarks (or will do once fully scaled)
  • Providing renewable energy
  • Offsetting carbon produced
  • Furthering research and understanding to advance low carbon
  • Enabling BP or third parties to meet their low carbon objectives

2. Go beyond what is required to meet relevant carbon emissions regulations

3. Be either directly delivered by BP or by a BP partner

4. Be up and running (e.g. products are available for consumers or customers to buy; programmes are ‘live’)

5. Comply with ALC programme requirements on greenhouse gas calculation methodologies

6. Deliver better carbon outcomes which are intended to be irreversible

7. Be verified by an independent third party assurance provider

Visit for more details on each activity and the accreditation programme.

  1. Based on DEFRA 2017 CO2e kg/mile for an average UK passenger car and DfT 2016 average UK annual mileage