About BP Target Neutral

BP Target Neutral develops carbon neutral products and services for BP’s customers and partners. We are not run for a profit1 and since 2006 we have offset 4 million tonnes of carbon on behalf of customers. That’s equivalent to taking around 2 million2 cars off the road for one year.


BP Target Neutral has been working to reduce carbon emissions for our customers for over ten years. We use the best practice reduce, replace and neutralise approach to drive efficiencies, source lower carbon feedstocks and then offset any unavoidable emissions. Underpinning our carbon neutral offers we use carbon credits sourced from a portfolio of offset of high quality offset projects around the world.

The selection of carbon offset projects is overseen by the independent Project Selection Forum, comprised of environmental NGO’s with a distinguished history in improving how corporates and individuals can minimise their impact on the environment.

To ensure we adhere to best practices in business carbon reduction strategies, BP Target Neutral is overseen by an Independent Advisory and Assurance Panel. The Panel has been set up to monitor the scheme’s progress and ensure funds are appropriately distributed. The Panel is made up of prominent environmental and industry experts.

These panels, along with our expertise and advice, mean that customers can have peace of mind in choosing to work with BP Target Neutral.

  1. BP Target Neutral does not seek to make a profit from the purchase and sale of carbon credits.
  2. Based on DEFRA 2017 CO2e kg/mile for an average UK passenger car and DfT 2016 average UK annual mileage