Turning Plastics Carbon Neutral

BP has launched PTAir and PTAir Neutral in China, a new certified carbon neutral PTA brand.


PTA is the essential raw material for making polyesters extensively used in producing textiles, packaging and film products including plastic bottles, paints and clothing.

Using BP’s latest proprietary technology at the Zhuhai PTA 3 plant in Guangdong, China, combined with a carbon management programme, PTAir Neutral offers customers the opportunity to manufacture finished products with a reduced carbon footprint.

In addition, through PTAir Neutral Products, customers have the opportunity to offset all their products’ footprint – over and above their PTA use – to achieve full carbon neutrality across their product portfolio. This unique offer is made possible through BP Target Neutral.

Underpinning the carbon neutral certification of PTAir are two carbon offset projects in China – a biogas project in Sichuan which aims to install bio-digesters in one million low income households in rural China, and a network of 95, small ‘run-of-river’ hydropower stations in less-developed rural areas.