How are we doing it

Posted on: September 18th, 2011 by BP Target Neutral

Method used to offset spectator travel

The calculation of carbon emissions to be offset from spectator travel to and from the Games was made by calculating an estimate of the carbon emissions for each individual spectator travelling from a particular country and then multiplying this by the number of spectators from that country who register with BP Target Neutral’s London 2012 programme. The methodology used can be further examined in the ERM Methodology Statement.

Method used to set a world record

The record attempt was for the most number of people who participate to offset carbon emissions associated with travel to and from a global sporting event. Thousands of people signed up, which has left a legacy that all future Olympic Games can follow.

The BP Target Neutral team undertook internet based research as well as research into Guinness Book of World Records to determine whether such a record had been set. Our findings showed that offsetting and other carbon reduction activities were undertaken at the Vancouver and Beijing Games but did not match the criteria of our world record attempt. To the best of our knowledge, this record has not been set.

BP Commitment

BP commits to offset the emissions of all ticketed spectators who register with BP Target Neutral’s London 2012 programme. The cost to offset is paid by BP and administered through its not-for-profit programme BP Target Neutral.
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Why are we doing it