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    It only takes a minute to calculate your travel CO2 emissions. Knowing your emissions helps you make informed decisions about your travel choices and, if you choose to, the cost to buy offsets from our high quality offsetting projects.

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    offsetting works

    Puzzled by how your effort to neutralise your travel footprint supports the green economy globally? Curious to know what wind farms and pig farms have in common? Watch our short film presented by Adam Hart-Davis.

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    Our project portfolio enables BP Target Neutral members to neutralise their transport emissions by buying carbon credits, which support low carbon development projects around the world.

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    It only takes a minute to calculate your carbon emissions!

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    Adam Hart-Davis explains how carbon offsetting works in his inimitable style

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Latest news

Voluntary Buyers Spend Nearly $4.5 Billion on Offsets to Combat Climate Impacts


Companies, governments, and individuals voluntarily spent just under $4.5 billion on conservation and clean energy over the past decade by purchasing nearly 1 billion carbon offsets, finds a new report released on the sidelines of last week’s international climate talks in Bonn, Germany.

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BP Target Neutral helps World Gas Conference 2015 be lower carbon

As delegates from around the world flew in to Paris last week for the World Gas Conference 2015, they did so knowing that their travel carbon footprint was being offset via BP Target Neutral.


BP had a major presence at the three-yearly event and used BP Target neutral to help WGC achieve its goal to be lower carbon this year. The conference attracts delegates and trade visitors from the gas industry, including major gas companies and their service providers.

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BP supporting Masdar to Offset Carbon Impact of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week this January

Masdar, BP partnership to help mitigate carbon impact of delegate travel and operations at biggest international sustainability event in the Middle East.

Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, has announced BP as the “Official Carbon Offset Partner” for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2015 – a yearly event that unites the international community in an effort to address the interconnected challenges of energy and water security, climate risk and sustainable development. The event, January 17-24, combines the World Future Energy Summit, International Water Summit and EcoWaste conferences.

This is the second year BPTN is helping to mitigate the carbon impact of the summit.

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Additional benefits of carbon offsetting valued at $664 per credit

Offsetting one tonne of carbon dioxide brings an additional $664 in benefits to the communities where carbon reduction projects are based, according to research published today.

Infographic from the ICROA research

The research, carried out by Imperial College London in partnership with the International Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Alliance (ICROA), demonstrates how purchasing carbon credits creates economic development opportunities, aids environmental conservation and helps improve people’s lives by delivering household savings, health benefits and improving water resources, among other social benefits.

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